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How To Live Off The Grid Now – How To Navigate These Web Assets


See the quick Explainer Video – Trailer on this Website Home Page for a quick overview to learn what How To Live Off The Grid Now™ is all about. Watch the Explainer Video – Detail on the Blog Post “How To Live Off The Grid Now™ – Benefits of Subscribing” for a complete presentation that explains not only what How To Live Off The Grid Now™ is all about but also why.


The web, or online, assets provided under the banner of “How To Live Off The Grid Now™” includes the basic website itself under the domain of => https://howtoliveoffthegridnow.com/ <= together with links within the website to the physical equivalent of a number of filing cabinets, or buckets, containing many different kinds of resources all related to dealing with information, products and/or services about living off the grid.

The website Home page offers an introduction, including a brief video, to explain to a new visitor what this website and its related assets is all about – helping people like you find solutions to their questions about what it takes to create a self-sustaining, off-the-grid lifestyle in our everyday, modern-day, circumstances – including considerations around available, finding and/or creating, suitable land, shelter, water, heat and food supplies – the basic essentials for creating safe living conditions.

From the Home page, you will find links to many different kinds of resources. For example:

The menu option labeled “DEALS” takes you into the online web assets section that is the equivalent of an online Shopping Mall where you will find an index of links to blog posts discussing, and offering, details about many affiliate products and affiliate services that support the off-the-grid life, and – in some cases – even an on-the-grid life.

Note that as a result of our affiliate connections with various vendors and suppliers, we may receive some small monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or for links included herein connecting to any Products or Services sourced via, for example, Amazon.com or Clickbank or any other affiliation, through clicking on links provided in any blog post and/or web site page within these website assets.

Note also that such compensation is never an additional cost to you as the investor in, or purchaser of, any related product or service you obtain as a result of clicking through to the vendor from a link included in our site and all such items are offered by the related vendor at typically the best price available from that vendor for that item at the time of making that investment. Refer directly to the vendor for details about any guarantee and refund policy related to your purchase of their item. Please also refer to our: • Sales Terms & ConditionsTerms of UsePrivacy Policy • policies for more details as related to your use of our website and related assets and as related to your acquisition of any products or services through clicking on links included within our site.

The menu option labelled “ACADEMY/FORUM” takes you into the members only section of these online assets that includes a community forum where you can freely ask whatever questions you may have about your own efforts in getting yourself off-the-grid.

It is also a place for privately discussing with other community members, current events, conditions and circumstances related to situations arising from living off-the-grid and involved in creating your own off-the-grid home and lifestyle.

It is also a place where you can share your own experiences and gain knowledge and benefit from learning about the experiences of others in seeking to create a viable off-the-grid lifestyle.

It also includes a members-only academy with plans, tutorials and related Do-It-Yourself guides to help you actually prepare and complete plans for creating your own off-the-grid self-sustaining lifestyle.

The menu option labelled “BLOG” takes you to the How To Live Off The Grid Now™ blog where I and guest authors contribute articles of general information, ideas and opinions about topics related to living off-the-grid.

Just one of the advantages of following the Blog is that many posts deal directly with the processes and challenges many folks face in just getting “out of the system” and into “sustainably living off the grid

I encourage you to share your own comments and observations in relation to your take upon reading any of these blog posts. You are also invited to consider being a guest blogger to post an article you may written about living off-the-grid if you would like to publicly share that experience with this community.

Our Facebook page, Google+ account and Twitter stream are additional resources amongst these web online assets under the “How To Live Off The Grid Now™” banner. These may be accessed via Icon links located in our website pages footer section or otherwise is always available directly from within Facebook, Google+ and Twitter respectively.

The Facebook and Google+ pages plus our Twitter stream are all actually intended to act very much as general advertisements, or publicity windows, to show up for other like-minded folks who may be looking for information about getting, and living, off-the-grid but who do not yet know of How To Live Off The Grid Now™, so as to help them become aware of How To Live Off The Grid Now™ and for them to then make the connection to our community so that they can get the opportunity to join with us in this membership community. Together we are all stronger.

Breaking and General news items of issues affecting living off-the-grid will be regularly posted on our Facebook and Google+ pages and our Twitter stream.

I am developing a related “How To Live Off The Grid Now™” YouTube Channel to host a whole range of tutorial and informational videos about the whole gamut of subjects, topics and issues related to living off-the-grid.

That summarizes the principal buckets, or filing cabinets, of resources you will find as nuggets of treasure amongst these online web assets under the “How To Live Off The Grid Now™’ banner. Next, I give you a quick visual overview of the actual Home Page layout as a Navigation Guide.


If you are using a mobile device to view How To Live Off The Grid Now™, then you will see the component layout of web content is in a vertical alignment and you scroll down to reach the menu choices. This view and arrangement may change slightly fro time to time as the content is updated with new information and new resources, however, the basic contextual elements remain the same.

On a tablet or desktop, the layout will be as shown here.

HTLOTGN_Web_Page_MenuBar graphic

Website Menu Bar – mobile is different, being a series of buttons at foot of screen

In the menu bar, you have the following choices:

Home:  which is the screen view you see in the graphic below here.
About: which gives you information About this set of web services
Deals: which takes you to a whole set of blog posts about Deals 
       with links to a variety of supporting product shopping 
       opportunities and resources, many at discount or special 
       offer rates.
Academy/Forum: which links you to the community members only
       resources including the support forum, tutorials, plans
       and other resource details.
Blog:  which takes you directly to our general Off-The-Grid Topics
Contact Us: Which gives you information for direct contact with us.

Home Page View:

How To Live Off The Grid Now_Home_Page_Detail graphic

Layout of Home Page Body – Mobile layout has each column following one below each other as you scroll down from the top.

Within the main body of the Home web page, as shown above here in desktop view:

In the left page column is a link to the Explainer Video - Trailer, 
a link to our Deep Dive Survey and below that is a Newsletter opt-in 
box - enter your first name and email and tell us how you found out 
about us to subscribe and stay up-to-date with developments.
In the right page column is the most recent tweet from our twitter 
stream and above that is an excerpt of our most recent blog posts 
and a direct link to our blog.

In the middle column is a series of related questions and links to 
further information
In the page footer section are quick links to our Facebook page, 
our Twitter page and our YouTube Channel plus links to Privacy 
Policy, Disclaimer and Terms Of Business.
How To Live Off The Grid Now Web_Page_Footer 2017-03-02_17-15-44 graphic

All Web Pages Footer Section.

And that’s a summary of what information and resources are directly available from the Home Page.

*HTLOTGN = How To Live Off The Grid Now™


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