Creating The Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle

What is the off-the-grid, self-reliant, lifestyle?

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"Creating A Modern Day Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle"

The "off-the-grid, self-reliant, lifestyle" label, in the context of this web-site and discussion, means so much more than just living a lifestyle in a home that is simply disconnected from the power grid and nothing more than that - the original definition of being "off-the-grid". This label also now means much more than a life lived in some remote boondocks location, even though modern usage of the term "off-the-grid" has now come to mean even that in the broadest sense of its use.

But here I am talking about living your life in a way that is essentially self-reliant and, ultimately, also self-sustaining: Looking at creating a lifestyle that is technically fully off-the-grid in every respect. This means having a lifestyle that is completely free of dependence on any form of public services. 


That includes freedom from the power grid as the source of your electricity supply and freedom from the conventional food supply chain (super-markets) for your food and freedom from the conventional job market for the source of your income regardless of wherever you choose to live, be it in an urban/suburban location or out in the remote Alaskan Bush.

What is the modern day off-the-grid self-reliant lifestyle? Find out here!

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Freedom from the power grid, super-markets and 9-5

This does not mean that you should not, or never, be connected to a power grid; it simply means only that you are setting up to become free from depending for your electricity just on that power grid. Nor does this mean that you would never shop for food at a super-market or have any regular 9-5 type job for some income but it does mean that you will be moving towards becoming free of being dependent on any of those publicly available and provided resources.

The goal here is for you to get to be living a lifestyle, designed by you, and on your own terms, that is a lifestyle that has no absolute dependence for your survival, or your family's survival, on any of the conventional, publicly available and provided, services for electricity, food or income.

It means becoming as fully off-the-grid as possible, living a self-reliant lifestyle that meets your needs and fits your dreams wherever you actually choose to locate your off-the-grid homestead provided, of course, that there are no ridiculous ordinances, HOA's rules or State laws against living off-the-grid in your chosen location.

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How do you get an off-the-grid, self-reliant, lifestyle?

You have tried searching the web looking to find clear, practical, unambiguous, helpful answers to your questions about how to get completely off-the-grid so you can become self-reliant, cut your bills, gain some freedom and bring back some level of control into your life, right? Did you find good answers? Are all of your questions now resolved?

Amazing just how much stuff masquerading as "information" is out there, isn't it? For example, if you just put "off-the-grid self-reliant lifestyle" into Google, that will show you 2,820,000 results, including ads. How much time do you have to sort through that lot? Even YouTube will deliver up an enormous number of videos, many so hokey that watching any of them is likely as not to be a complete waste of your valuable time.

Do you just cut your ties to the power grid?

Perhaps you are just looking to find information about how to cut your dependence on the umbilical chord of the, now, generally acknowledged to be, vulnerable national power grid for your source of electricity.

That kind of question will bring you a mere 17,800,000 results in Google, and a deluge  of videos in YouTube, for "solar energy systems for homes".

Who has time to figure out the best option from that pile, especially when a good proportion of those results include product and service sales promotion items.

Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle: National Power Grid View

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Or are you ready to go whole-hog off-the-grid?

But, to fully create your off-the-grid self-reliant lifestyle, you also need to find out how to free yourself from dependence on the modern-day, mass-produced, mass-processed, food supply-chain - a supply chain that seems, more and more frequently nowadays, to be producing suspect quality and GMO food - and you also need to find out how to get your independence from your tedious daily commute to an unfulfilling, even boring, 9-5 job that could go away in a heartbeat leaving you without income and benefits? How are you going to do all that? That's why I wrote the eBook "Creating A Modern Day Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle"; in this eBook are many practical suggestions as potential solutions to these questions.

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"Creating A Modern Day Off-The-Grid, Self-Reliant Lifestyle"

How is your on-the-grid, dependent, lifestyle working for you?

Have you been plagued by an annoyingly unreliable electricity service? Do you have unpredictable power-grid outages leaving you without your TV or Internet connection or with a refrigerator/freezer holding food that may spoil if not somehow kept cold while without power or found yourself unable to microwave your dinner or make a cup of coffee an stay warm - or cool - because of loss of power from the grid?

Tip: Sign up for Dish Satellite TV service and put your receiver on a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) so you can still watch TV and know what's going on while your neighbours are wondering what's happening out in there the world.

Have you noticed how rubbery and tasteless now is so much of the chicken that you get from your super-market or how tough is some of the other meat food stuff that now finds its way to your table? What about the increasing frequency of food recalls being issued due to various toxic contaminations happening in our food supply chain or the increasing use of GMO products? Does any of this give you happiness and healthiness from what you are eating whether at home or in a fast-food restaurant?

You might be horrified to learn just how bad is the quality of food - and why - that comes out of the modern CAFO processes (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) that mass-produce beef and chickens for market and likely to turn vegan if you knew! A comparison, by Jeol Salatin of Polyface Farms from his books about raising Pastured Poultry and Pastured Beef, of the fundamental differences between CAFO food produce versus what food you might produce in your own off-the-grid small-scale farming operations, is included in the appendix of the eBook.

And how is that daily commute and 9-5 reliable job going?

Have you been laid off, or fear that you may soon be laid off, from a good paying job and found it impossible to get new employment at the same level of responsibility, income and benefits as before even though you are highly skilled, fully qualified and have many years of well-earned experience with lots of glowing performance testimonials and even many good recommendations and a large network in LinkedIn?

Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle: Traffic-Jam Daily Commute 700x495

How is your on-the-grid, 9-5, dependent lifestyle working for you? Get the solution here!

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Would you like to take back control over your own life and help protect yourself from failures in the system? Are you living the life you dreamed of living?

If any of this hits a nerve with you, rest assured, you are not alone and this is for you.

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Been where you are - Know how you feel.

I’ve been where you are. Having originally qualified as an electrical and electronics engineer, at various times through my career on both sides of The Pond, I’ve been a systems engineer, many times a complex-systems development and turn-around Projects Manager, an Operations, Engineering and a Products Manager, amongst other positions, some even with executive P/L responsibilities. I’ve designed, built and implemented novel, advanced technology solutions to international business, functional and operational challenges ranging from complex process instrumentation systems to large-scale material handling automation robotics and from online banking and financial systems development to healthcare and manufacturing business systems installations.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed an incredible career. Adding in also being an APICS CSCP and an extra-class Licensed Ham, my point is that, like you, I’m very well qualified, highly experienced and I’ve also, fortunately, been used to being sought out by recruiters for new opportunities, even having been invited to come to America from the UK, some years ago now, to start up a new business. So there was a long period in my career where I never had to worry about finding a new, good-paying gig: I was always “in demand” as, no doubt, you also have been … till recently.

The old ways are not working anymore

However, a while back now, I came to realize that I had finally reached the point where, even though to this day I still get inquiries, I was no longer getting any offers even if I even got as far as being invited for an interview: Turns out that I’m now either “over-qualified” or “not qualified" or "too experienced" or even "not experienced enough" in the related field whatever any of that means apart, obviously, from the fact that they don’t want to pay for “senior” experience when they can readily, and much more cheaply, choose from any one of a plethora of inexperienced, thus cheap, H1B visa candidates or fresh out of college candidates all clamoring for employment in a shrinking jobs market.

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Pivot to a Modern Day Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle

So I had to figure out new ways to support myself and my family.

Having been born into wartime Britain with scarcity and rationing in full force and with all of the extended family committed to survival, growing, bottling and preserving whatever food they could and in spending as much time as I could in working on the farm as I grew up – a farm that was completely off-the-grid – with milking cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and a couple of terrifyingly big, powerful, bulls that bellowed at me any time they saw me, I learned early on a great deal about being resourceful, self-reliant, independent and very skilled in DIY stuff. It was often very hard work but I enjoyed doing it.

Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle: Food-Production-Options

BTW: Rabbits make a tasty treat.

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"Creating A Modern Day Off-The-Grid, Self-Reliant Lifestyle"

Design Your Own Modern Day Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle

Hence, having dedicated the last several years to researching the subject - talking with folks who have created their own version of the off-the-grid self-reliant lifestyle for themselves, spent numerous hours browsing and analysing the internet for resources and information, reviewed and evaluated the content of too many YouTube videos to count, read many Kindle books by folks who have done it and even by some who have quit doing it - all about creating a modern-day, off-the-grid, self-reliant and self-sustaining lifestyle, I began to apply my own experience,  background and knowledge to put my own off-the-grid project plan together and started out on the adventure of creating the self-reliant, self-sustaining lifestyle for myself and my family.

Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle: Living Off The Grid Farmstead Production

The Ecological, Small-Scale, Modern-Day, Off-The-Grid, Self-Reliant, Self-Sustaining, Farm

Creating A Modern Day Off-The-Grid Self-Reliant Lifestyle

The result of all this research, study and preparation is this website "How To Live Off The Grid Now™" together with its related assets and resources - including selected product and services "Deals", Facebook and Twitter news feeds and YouTube videos - and this Free eBook about "Creating A Modern Day, Off-The-grid, Self-Reliant Lifestyle" from beginning to accomplishment: The product of all of this foundational background and of the overall accumulation of knowledge, skills and hands-on practical experiences gathered throughout this lifetime and career plus in-depth study and research into the whole business of How To Live Off The Grid Now™.

Get your free copy today by clicking on the link below.

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"Creating A Modern Day Off-The-Grid, Self-Reliant Lifestyle"

Would love to get your feedback.

I look forward to getting feedback from you. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think and any thoughts you've been having about creating your own off-the-grid, self-reliant lifestyle. In particular, let me know what kind of help you are looking for to get yourself and your family off-the-grid.

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