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Get Freedom From Dependence On 9-5 Jobs For Income, Conventional Housing for Shelter, Super-Markets For Food and The Power Grid For Electricity

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    Take Back Control Over How You Live Your Life: Because living in "the system" leaves you very vulnerable. The Government will not help you: Look at Puerto Rico! You need to get out of "the system" and Off The Grid. Join this Community for help and support in doing that. Create your own self-sufficient and self-reliant Lifestyle.
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    Academy: Because there are so many parts to put together in order to live Off The Grid so there is a growing set of Tutorials, Videos, Plans, Programs and PDF's designed to help you get answers to your questions. You need a plan; a road-map.
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    Forum: Because to successfully create a live Off The Grid lifestyle is a complex process, so participating in forums with folks following the same lifestyle path enables you to get real-time answers to your questions from folks who have related experience and knowledge to share with you. Together we are all stronger.
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    Save Time, Money, Effort and Frustration: Because by having direct, quick, easy access to curated information about what it takes to create and sustain an Off The Grid Lifestyle instead of endlessly searching the web looking for related and relevant usable information, you could save yourself not only a bundle of time, money and effort but also possibly avoid some frustration and heartbreak. It's so much easier and more fun to travel with friends!

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