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Follow Your Passion - ​Follow Your Dreams.
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    Community: Take Back Control Over How You Live Your Life: Because living in "The System" leaves you ​vulnerable. The Government will not help you: Look at Puerto Rico! You need to get out of "The System" and ​follow your own path to get to freedom; to enjoy living The American Dream! Join this Community for help and support in​ Creating your own self-sufficient, self-reliant Lifestyle so that you can gain, and enjoy, the freedom of living the Laptop Lifestyle.
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    Academy: Because there are so many parts to put together in order to minimize risk and maximize rewards so as to successfully ​escape "The System", hence there is a growing set of Tutorials, Videos, Plans, Programs and PDF's designed to help you get answers to your questions. You need a plan; a road-map.
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    Forum: Because to successfully create ​the self-sufficient, self-reliant lifestyle is a complex process, so participating in forums with folks following the same lifestyle objective path enables you to get real-time answers to your questions from folks who have related experience and knowledge to share with you. Together we are all stronger.
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    Save Time, Money, Effort and Frustration: Because by having direct, quick, easy access to curated information about what it takes to create and sustain a​ self-sufficient, self-reliant Lifestyle instead of endlessly searching the web looking for related and relevant usable information, you could save yourself not only a bundle of time, money and effort but also possibly avoid some frustration and heartbreak. It's so much easier and more fun to travel with friends!

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