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How To Live Off The Grid Now – Benefits of Subscribing


How To Live Off The Grid Now™ – “Now” meaning by today’s modern standards of comfort and convenience? That is the question! How do you do that?

Have You Been Searching For How To Live Off The Grid Info?

Have you been searching the web to find practical, unambiguous, helpful answers to your questions about how to live off the grid or how to get off the grid?

Have you been looking for useful, clear, information about how to live off the grid or how to get off the grid?

Do you know what it would actually take to live off the grid?

Are you curious about how to get off the grid to free yourself from dependence on the national power grid for electricity, from dependence on the modern-day mass-produced, processed food supply-chain for healthy food, from dependence on tedious commutes to boring 9-5 jobs that could go away in a heartbeat leaving you without income?

Have you been looking for answers to the question of how to take back control over your own life and help protect yourself from failures in the system? Are you living the life you dreamed of living?

Not actually that easy to find smart, usable answers is it?

How To Live Off The Grid Now™ – What This Video, Blog, Website and Social Media Links Are About:

Hi. I’m Patricia Off The Grid. In this extended transcript of the related video, I explain how you can use the online assets of How To Live Off The Grid Now™ to cut through the confusion and frustration of trying to figure out a plan by yourself.

This will save you time, money and effort in creating your own self-sufficient, self-determined, lifestyle; help you get off the system treadmill and get control of your own life; get off the grid.

WHAT DO I MEAN BY “Living Off The Grid”?

Ok, let’s quickly review what I mean when I talk about living off the grid so that you and I are together in going after the same objectives.

If your idea of living off the grid is like mine, then you will want to live in a home that is as comfortable as possible. You will also want to create a homestead around it where you can become as self-reliant as practical. You will also want to be taking advantage of using the latest available ideas, knowledge and technology.

Ultimately, you will also want to have more time to focus on the things that bring you a sense of safety, well-being and gratification. More time to do the things that you want to do, how and when you want to do them.

And your reason for seeking self-sufficiency and self-reliance is not simply because you want to live as cheaply as possible, though that could be an option.

Escaping From Vulnerabilities:

However, your main reason is that you have come to realize just how exposed you are in depending entirely upon:

  1. the vulnerable national power grid for electricity, National Power Grid View 144x222X Graphic
  2. the conventional supply-chain channels for SuperMarket_Shopping-207x137X Graphicfood that may not even be healthy for you, including some food that has been GMO modified and some that may even have become toxically contaminated – good luck with all that, and
  3. that pesky commute Businessman-in-cubicle-with-laptop-and-stacks-of-files-small-202x135X Graphicto that tedious 9-5 job that could go away in a heartbeat for income.



In other words, I’m talking about finding, and setting up, ways to live an overall safer, healthier, more enjoyable and rewarding life by becoming less dependent upon things over which you have no control and the loss of which could put your own and your family’s welfare in jeopardy.

So are you with me?

Then ……


Well, you subscribe to How To Live Off The Grid Now™ and join a growing community that I am building with like-minded people like you who are either already doing exactly what you want to do or have the strongest desire to do what you are looking to do. Let me quickly show you how that will help you to achieve your own dream of self-reliance and freedom.

So let’s cut to the chase and get practical. Where do you start?

Moving Towards A Self-Reliant Lifestyle:

To actually get off the grid and live comfortably, you will need to create a plan and at least gather together some basic essentials.

At the most fundamental “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid graphic.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

physiological and safety level, this simply means you will need to find and get control of some land, some shelter – meaning a house, some water, some food and some heat.

Of course, nothing comes out of thin air, does it?

So to get these things together, you are also going to need some money; some savings or source of income whether you buy, lease or build from scratch. Therefore, we start out now with resolving the money issue first. Where’s it to come from and how do you keep it coming?

No Reliable Source Of Income:

Now, you may be saying “but I have no reliable source of income, that’s why I am here”. Maybe you’ve been down-sized – the latest cute term for being laid off. Or maybe your present 9-5 job pays barely enough to make ends meet for you and your family.

Then you will need to create a business that you can run from anywhere, including from your new off the grid home, and you will find a number of ways to do that laid out in detail in the members only Academy/Forum area of How To Live Off The Grid Now™.

Or, Perhaps You Have Savings To Invest:

On the other hand, if you already have some savings to invest in your “getting off the grid and building a new business” project, then you are off to a very good start. With money in the bank, you can immediately start to develop your homestead as a source, not only of food for yourself, but also as a business, as a potential source of income.

Here’s how that could work for you.


You can begin by setting your property up to become a small scale, simple farm but I’m are not talking about farming in the typical sense, or old fashioned way, of doing farming; I’m talking about a new way of doing that and you could end up with a source both of healthy, tasty, food and a good ongoing income potential.

Small-Scale Farm Solution:

By following the principles of ecological farming as proven by Joel Salatin over the past 30 or more years, you would set up to rotate intensive grazing of a small herd of beef cattle followed by broiler chickens then followed by pigs to create a marketable flow of pastured livestock.

How To Live Off The Grid Farmstead: Add Pastured Beef, Chickens and Pigs Graphic

Adding Rotating Pastured Beef, Chickens and Pigs To Off-The-Grid Operations For Income and Food

In fact, according to Salatin, you could conceivably make as much as $25,000 over 6 months (could be much more by today’s standard; his posted data is several years old now) just from growing and marketing broiler chickens on no more than 20 acres and you won’t need an army of workers to do that.

Market (Vegetable) Gardening Solution:

Or, if livestock farming is not your thing, you could setup to do commercial market gardening, growing vegetables as a food and income source. Folks like Marjory Wildcraft, founder of The Grow Network and Curtis Stone of The Urban Farmer – who farms veggies profitably on just 1/3rd of an acre have done that and are doing that.

You can also add Bees for honey and wax and you can add Rabbits for meat, again all produce becomes available for food and for income.

How To Live Off The Grid Farmstead Livestock plus Energy Complete Graphic

Showing All Components Of A Self-Sufficient Off-The-Grid Homestead Operation Including For Food and Income Sources

The other advantage of having land and an inclination for DIY activity is that you will have room for plenty of solar panels and batteries for power and possible even room for a wind turbine. You could also make your own bio-diesel to power vehicles and generator but that also takes additional resources.

However, if farming of any type is just not for you, then there are other ways to actually make a living while being off the grid. In addition, if you choose to create an alternate non-farming form of business, you could still benefit by building that business up to a level of income that would then support you paying someone to run the farming operation for you thus giving you the best of all possible outcomes: Great food and great income.

So what other ways are there then to become financially independent of the 9-5 routine?

Web-Based, Online Business, Laptop Lifestyle Solutions:

Well, with adequate internet access, for example, you could set up to create and do business off the internet.

smiling-man-working-with-laptop-at-home-200x143 Graphic

Doing Business Off-The-Grid

smiling-girl-using-laptop-outdoor-modern-lifestyle-95x143 Graphic gr

Off-The-Grid But Still In Business

Yaro Starak has been  successfully living the Laptop Lifestyle literally moving to various places around the world for many years.

Or consider James Wedmore who has been building a very successful business online for many years by using YouTube. And there are many others.

The Options for creating a source of income and being your own boss are literally endless.

Just remember that Rome was not built in a day and neither will your off-the-grid lifestyle but with a well thought out plan and the right circumstances, plus determination and commitment, you should be well on your way to independence by using the resources you can access via How To Live Off The Grid Now™ and this members only community.

By now you are probably wondering: “Who the heck is Patricia and why should I care?”


Well, I’m an ex-pat Brit’ as you may have guessed from the accent if you have watched the videos either here, on FB or YT or on our BitChute Curated Videos channel or listened to the Podcast.

I was born into wartime Britain with rationing and scarcity of everything. Our parents and extended family were totally into self-sufficiency: We grew our own vegetables and bottled and preserved everything that preservable. Still remember the first pig that was rendered into bacon and sausages in the farm kitchen and how churning cream into butter would seem like an endless pastime and make your arm want to fall off!

It Was The Best Of Times;

My happiest times in growing up were spent on the farm amongst the chickens, pigs and cows, even lost a new pair of eye-glasses in a small pasture of young lambs, and the farm, back then, was totally off the grid. There was a single cylinder gas-engine driving a basic generator for 12 Volt DC electricity and other similar gas-engines to pump water and run the milking machines.

Even after mucking out stables and cleaning out chicken pens, I still wanted to be a farmer when I grew up but was eventually persuaded to go to college and then came out as an electrical and electronics engineer which served me well throughout an incredible career on both sides of The Pond – as we call the Atlantic Ocean.

And Then There Was ….

My other most memorable happy time was spent playing bass and singing vocals with a very popular rock band (The Brewers) in the UK – much to my parents dismay who were convinced it would never last (Apparently, Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger, amongst my other contemporaries, never got my parents message 🙂 ).

I had the first on-stage back-to-back 18inch metal cone speakers in a solid bass reflex cabinet that I made along with a very powerful tube amplifier that I built: Other band bass players asked to use my equipment it was so much better than anything else on the market at that time. I could even have made a business out of just building that equipment, given the interest and demand but I was wrapped up in playing and singing and our touring in the UK left no time for that.

But all that, as the saying goes, is a whole ‘nother story for another time!

Hamming It Up Has Advantages:

I’m also a licensed ham radio operator and have designed and built my own ham radio gear. When the national power grid goes down, so will the cell phone services but hams can still talk to each other in emergencies.

As a ham/electronics engineer, I have also designed my own back-up and portable power systems which is another useful experience and capability to have in going off the grid. we also use Dish Satellite TV service running on uninterruptible back-up power supplies so that we are still been able to watch TV News while other people on our street have had no TV or Internet and thus they lose touch with the outside world during power outages.

Meanwhile, On The Career Front:

Over time, I designed, invented, sold and implemented many advanced technology solutions, including process automation and robotics, for many different types of business around the world.

As operations manager of a British subsidiary of a New York based venture capital backed company, I was invited to transfer, with my family, to the US to start up a whole new business division and became a US Citizen but kept my UK accent.

Business Builders Help Desk Banner Graphic

From a bare green-field site to fully operational production plant – My Personal Photo Files

Starting Up New Business And Turning Around Old:

I have built new production plant from the ground up and I have turned around many struggling businesses – both in the esoteric hardware field and in software development endeavours.

I started MISSI (Management Information Systems Solutions and Initiatives) in 1991 as a Management and Business Development Consulting firm through which we have helped many businesses, both large and small, to build  market share, cut costs and grow profits.

I’ve been a keen student of Peter Drucker (now deceased) since I met him while in college and, as a member of APICS, I qualified as a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and overall  have gained a great deal of experience and success in building new business from ideas to income and profit.

It Helps To Be  DIY’er:

As you may have noticed from seeing the earlier vignette if you have watched the video here, I’m also all-round capable do-it-yourselfer.

This is another area of expertise and experience that I have developed working first with our father who fixed up every home we ever lived in as a family while I was growing up and I’ve continued that tradition in throughout my own life with my own homes.

Being a capable DIY’er, or at least knowing how to manage someone doing the DIY stuff for you, is critical as you will need to be able to do many different things, or be able to pay someone to do many different things, in order to go live off the grid. I’ve personally fixed up some really old homes; rewired, replumbed, dug footings, replaced walls, built cabinets and so on.

And, until finally ending up in California, we have always had homes with enough ground around them to grow as much of our own basic food stuff as possible. It always tastes so much better than store bought stuff, don’t you agree?

Now that’s enough about me and my background which has been shared with you only to offer you some credentials and credibility in relation to getting this off-the-grid project not only started but brought to happy completion; now let’s get back to what you need and to how using what I have put together for you can help you achieve your goals.


Suffice it to say now that I have spent a great deal of time and effort over the past several years in researching the latest ideas and technology available for creating a successful off the grid home and lifestyle to add to and build on my own knowledge and experience. The content and format of How To Live Off The Grid Now™ is the result of all of this searching.

To bring together into one place for quick, easy access to up to date information on how to successfully get off the grid is why I founded How To Live Off The Grid Now™ and why I am sharing this with you and inviting you to join with me and others in this adventurous journey towards freedom and independence.

How To Live Off The Grid Now™ is a members only information and resources community and it becomes its own version of a self-sufficient, self-sustaining community through your participation.

It is designed specifically to help people like you to successfully not only create your own plan for getting off the grid but to actually put that plan into action to get yourself successfully off the grid. To quote the age old aphorisms: “Friends Helping Friends” and “Stronger Together”.

The Key To Unlock The Answers:

The key to accessing all of this practical, useful “How Do You Do All That” information, that I have been presenting to you in this video and blog, lies in reading the blog, checking our Facebook page, following our twitter stream, subscribing to our YouTube channel and subscribing to our newsletter.

In other words, the key lies in joining, and participating, in the growing community of the Academy and Forum of How To Live Off The Grid Now™.

The Benefits Of Subscribing:

Joining the HTLOTGN (How To Live Off The Grid Now™) Academy and Forum, when the next opening comes along, will give you direct access to all of the members only resources comprised of tutorials, plans and other related details plus Forum question and answer exchanges with other members.

Meanwhile, access to our Facebook page, twitter stream, YouTube videos and this blog is, of course, free and immediately available.

Keeping up to date with developments comes from subscribing to the How To Live Off The Grid Now™ newsletter. Simply enter your name and email into the opt-in subscriber boxes and submit. We will not send you spam, not barrage you with a multitude of emails and our privacy policy protects your email.

Subscribing to the newsletter is not only free but will also let you know when the Academy’s next opening date has been set.

Simple When You Know How But Not Easy!

Nothing given herein should be construed in any way as offering a guaranty of success or guarantee of income or of any other positive potential result.

Everyone’s situation, circumstance and potential is respectively unique to each individual and therefore no warranty of any kind can be, or is, given. Refer to the Disclaimer and the Terms of Business policies for details. As with any undertaking or adventure in life that has risk, you have to be responsible for the consequences of the decisions you make and the choices you follow.

Results Quoted Are As Reported By Those Doing It

The examples of results quoted herein are given solely for general and educational reference and information purposes only and any actual results given herein are only those as reported by the people who are actually doing what I have quoted herein. Those results may not be typical for everyone and may not be reachable in your own situation.

On the other hand, I would not be going off the grid myself or presenting any of these ideas and information – which I am following – if I did not believe the exposures I’ve listed are real and the positive, beneficial off-the-grid lifestyle results are possible and attainable.

So it’s now time to wrap this up, get organized, create a plan and get this adventure started.


I set out here with you to define the challenge that brings up the idea of getting off the grid as a solution and the problem that attempting to answer that challenge brings up.

I defined for you what I think of when I talk about living off the grid so you and I can be talking about the same ideas and objectives. Then I laid out a practical solution you can use to create your own plan to clear the problem and beat the challenge and I told you who I am as an experienced solution creator, project and operations manager, an experienced DIY’er and erstwhile farmer and how all of this can be helpful to you in creating your own off-the-grid plan.

The Challenge:

The challenge is to eliminate having dependence on a vulnerable power grid for reliable, affordable electricity. A dependence on a vulnerable food supply chain for non-toxic, non GMO’d food and a dependence on a vulnerable, limiting, 9-5 job and commute for income.

The Problem:

The problem is that it is never simple or easy and certainly not quick to find practical, useable answers just by searching the web. Far too much  confusing and contradictory, hockey or incomplete pockets of data to wade through to find useable nuggets of reliable information which wastes your time and tests your patience.

The Solution:

The promise of this video and blog has been simply to show you how How To Live Off The Grid Now™ can help you find answers to your questions. The solution to finding useful answers is to subscribe to, and participate in, this community to connect with supportive help in making your own plan.

Participating in this community can quickly help you to cut through the confusion and frustration of otherwise endlessly trying to find practical, useful data from the internet: Connecting with others who are also doing what you are looking to do can save you time, money and effort in helping you put your own plan together to get yourself off the grid.

With a workable plan, determination and commitment plus carefully managing your cash flow and being able to share with the community the challenges and problems that arise, you can set out with greater confidence to get free of being dependent on the national grid for electricity, the super-market for food and a 9-5 job and tedious commute for income.


Thank you for watching this video and for your time. I hope you have found this to be informative, interesting and helpful.

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Please share with friends or neighbours that you think may also be interested in finding freedom from dependence on the things discussed here and who may be thinking of getting off the grid.


I’ll finish now with just two things:

Firstly, I, and this growing community of like-minded folks, are all here with you on this journey in your search for freedom. A search to cut free from dependence on those things over which you have no control. Get free from things that the loss of which could put you and your family’s welfare at risk.

Secondly, wherever you are watching the video or reading this blog, please scroll down below and leave a comment. I read them all. Your feedback is very helpful and important; I want to hear from you.

In particular, I would love to know more about your situation. What is that one thing that keeps you up at night when thinking about getting off the grid? Why do you want to get off the grid? What problem would getting off the grid solve for you? What worries you the most, as you struggle in your own effort to get yourself off the grid?

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