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"I can see clearly now the rain has gone!" ~ A metaphor from a song made famous by Jimmy Cliff.

How To Escape "The System"!

Do you yearn to lead a healthier, happier, more rewarding, lifestyle? One that is eco-sensitive, leads to freedom, enhances your welfare and life satisfaction?

Download my FREE "Escape The System Checklist" report to learn "The 11 Things You Need To Know" before attempting to create your own sustainable self-sufficient, self-reliant, lifestyle, free of dependence on "The System" with control over your own Income, Shelter, Food and Power! Click the link below to get started now.


FYI: In case you are wondering, that's me surveying the scene from the top of the mast on my 42' Transpac equipped Peterson Islander yacht = the ultimate escape from "The System" used here as a metaphor!

Your Life By Design

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Go From Job To Digital CEO

We transform those experiencing Mid 9-5 Life Crisis into self-determined entrepreneurs following their passion, living their dream so that they experience joy, reward and freedom in their life!

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    * NOTE: "Escape The System" and "Get Off The Grid" Mean The Same Thing Here: I use these two terms interchangeably throughout this website and across all related Social Media platforms. "Off The Grid" here does NOT mean scuttling off into some remote wilderness location, nor does it mean prepping or survivalism though you can do that if that's your underlying objective. My goal is simply about gaining freedom from dependence on "The System" wherever you may choose to live!

    How Can I Help You?

    • Are you looking for freedom from dependence on the 9-5 job market for income?
    • Are you looking for freedom from dependence on the conventional housing for shelter?
    • Are you looking for freedom from dependence on the super market and fast food outlets for food?
    • Are you looking for freedom from dependence on the power grid for electricity?
    • Would you like to create your life by design to have a self-sufficient, self-reliant lifestyle?

    Get answers to your questions when you need them to create your own “Off The Grid” lifestyle: Save time, money and effort; cut bills, grow income, reach freedom from dependency on outside services.¹

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